Saturday, October 8, 2011

how to right-click on strictly-no-right-click page

Anti-right click
have you ever see this alert box? it’s very annoying and most of the times, it comes together with a great site or blog. I’m not very sure why do they use this kind of protection when people just want to click the right mouse button to do something as simple as refresh or open a new tab.

but don’t worry, this thing only comes out when JavaScript is enabled. which means, when JavaScript is DISABLED, you can freely click any button you want to. especially on a picture. hahaha Open-mouthed smile
Google Chrome

Options > Under the Bonnet > Privacy > Content Settings… > JavaScript > you know what to do. right?

Options > Content > it’s there.

I disable Internet Explorer on my computer so I can’t tell. but basically, it’s just the same, and when you’re done clicking or whatever you want to do, make sure you re-enable JavaScript or you will experience less web functionality.

actually i found an easier way to do this. drag this link to your bookmark tab and click it when you need it.

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