Thursday, October 20, 2011

deactivating Facebook is a fairytale

recently, I deactivated my Facebook account. maybe because I don’t get enough notification every time I log on. or I can’t simply mess up with people. or I can’t flirt as I like.

actually, I don’t have any good reason for this. so, I just checked the this is temporary.

when I check my email a few hours after that, this is what I got.


I can reactivate my account by logging in, again? I can’t stop wondering, why do they do thing like this? I said clearly that I wanted to deactivate my account and not just to LOG OUT!

this makes the pure deactivating act will not change anything. because next time I go online, I’ll be logging into Facebook, again.

can’t tell

Confused smile


  1. ha.... mmg mcm tue pun... saya dah selalu sgt dah buat... hahaha

  2. ada masalah ke dlm Facebook? FB skrg memg makin banyak keburukan berbanding baiknya :|

  3. takde masalah pun. bosan sebab tak banyak kawan. haha apa punya alasan daa

    lepas ni log in balik le