Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is GREAT.

I’ve lived a “long” life. the world has becoming my dreams. i miss my life. I miss my childhood years. i miss my father. i miss my cat. I miss my village. I miss everything that I can’t find by now. it’s been a history. some kind of memory that can’t be erased by time is after me now. it’s good to remember those things. but in the same time, hurts me badly.

I live in Jln Rabbani for 6 years. move to somewhere in Kelantan for at least 1 year. after that, I returned to tiram. the place where I miss. my grand parents lives here. when I was in standard 3, I moved to Indonesia. My beloved HOMELAND. I love ling in Tenggulun. a village of my men. my men? my friends. they’re not really my friends though. none of them are. a few months after my father being arrested, I returned to Malaysia. I was 11 by the time.

the thing that I love most about life is I can attain those kind of memories.

that’s is why for me, Life Is GREAT.


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