Saturday, October 29, 2011

Facebook lacks of something important

Facebook logo
Facebook have been a phenomena since a few years ago. it’s so popular that even a 6 year old kid knows it. it 'is featuring many thins from sharing to commenting, from uploading to downloading and so on. but still, it has some things that others have.

#1 Dislike button just like what YouTube have: it’s unfair! people can like but not dislike.
Like and dislike button

#2 you cant comment a comment: it’s hard to know that a comment is commenting your comment.
Post and comment

#3 you cant personalize your profile page: it’s my profile but why should it looks just like the other millions?
Customize profile

#4 you cant browse people based on your interest: I want to be friend to someone from somewhere aged someyear to someyear..
Browse People

there are some others uninteresting things you can find on Facebook and the worst part is Facebook is everywhere!


  1. dah aku membuat perbandingan. takkan lah nak bandingkan facebook punya feature dengan facebook punya feature juga. aisehh