Sunday, October 16, 2011

how to play snake on YouTube

when you play a video on YouTube and the video stuck loading, a few white colored balls will rotating the center, making a small circle. that is a snake. I mean that think is the SNAKE.

you can play this classic snake game while waiting for the video to load. I did play. but I’m really good at it. because it’s really fast!

the rules are simple,

  • eat those foods(I don’t know what to call them) to grow your snake,
  • don’t eat your snake’s tail,
  • don’t think you have a magical snake that can go thru the wall!

this is how it looks like,


here’s how to play that damn cool game:

  1. go to YouTube
  2. play any video
  3. while it loads, click on the video(video will be paused)
  4. tap up arrow(what do they call it?)
  5. the snake will move
  6. go for the the “biji
  7. have fun!

don’t forget to finish the video. haha

*10 Rahsia YouTube Yang Orang Ramai Tidak Tahu..!!(Selongkar 10) reminds me of this trick

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  1. ha2.... dah pernah main... mula2 pelik jugak... kawan ckp ada gmes kat youtube.... sekali die tunjuk...ahaks..kelakar....