Tuesday, October 18, 2011

how to unsubscribe from a blog – Blogger

hello guys! this is simply a how to unsubscribe from a blog. well, sometimes you don’t feel like you want to read from a blog anymore. or maybe the blog has been deleted. never mind. you’ll have your own reason. it’s quite simple.

go to “Manage Reading list”
in the the updated Blogger interface:
go to dashboard >> at the reading list >> go the right most part, you’ll find a gear >> click it to enter


in the the old interface:
go to dashboard >> below the reading list there’s a button “MANAGE” >> click to enter

or you can go here http://www.blogger.com/manage-blogs-following.g


you’ll be brought here:


click on the “Settings”. any “Settings” is sufficient. this one will comes out.

click “Sites you’ve joined”. and you can stop following any blog.


Open-mouthed smile


  1. This doesn't currently work for me. Thank you for this anyways...

  2. Wow it worked. I had to do one more step though. Even though I was logged on, I had to log to the blog I wanted to cancelled and voila! it worked. Thank you very much.

  3. thank you. exactly as stated by mine 2 stitch. there were a few changes but it worked. and yes i did have to log in even though i was ALREADY logged in.