Tuesday, October 11, 2011

things I hate on blog pages

there’re some things I really don’t like on blog pages. and mostly, you can find them on a girl’s page. yeah, people can have what ever they want on their page but I just don’t like it. here they are

  1. no right click JavaScript: do they really think people can’t right click on their pages?
  2. auto play music: a man’s meat is another man’s poison(haha).
  3. those little cute avatar: it’s cute but it’s annoying!
  4. glittering effect: it makes me looks like a kid.
  5. those letters rotating the pointer: what the hell is that?
  6. custom pointer: I’d love to use my own pointer not yours.
  7. those snow effect: there’re no snow here.
  8. those blinking image drawing my attention: I’m trying to read here!
  9. too much of advertisement: they got money, I got misery.
  10. they show only 1 or 2 post per page: it’s simply to increase page view and I hate that. I read blog, not click “Older” or “Older Post”!
  11. that page views counter: simply because it’s too much compared to mine Sad smile
  12. shared post: you can share post, but please, you can also QUOTE some and link it to the original page.

if your blog is for readers, mind about them.

I think that’s all. Smile


  1. Okay, ade lah terasa sikit. Tapi yang nonmbor satu tu je. Nghee.

  2. hak3...walaupun aku seorang lelaki...tetap terasa gak...no 1~ =_="

  3. oleh kerana aku tak suka no satu tu a lot, aku telah
    post ni.

  4. not really agree, sorry :)
    kita smua tak sama, apa yg anda tak suka, tapi mgkin orang lain suka. kalau semua sama pendapat mcm awak, owh, alamat boringla bila bukak blog orang lain. *jgn marah, menyatakan pendapat.

    btw, terima kasih rajin singgah blog, sangat menghargainya :)


  5. saja menyatakan isi hati. lagipun banyak cara untuk buang semua tu. hehe

    i like your blog, sebab tu rajin singgah.
    thanks to you to.

  6. haha..
    n nice sharing!..