Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am my! wait, what?

when I first read that, I was like wth~ if you can’t deal with English, dear girl, please don’t even think about using it! I’m sick of this! Annoyed

it’s like what do you mean you are yours? why don’t you use “I am mine” or “I am her” or “I am his”? that’s what I thought. I don’t tell her of that. it could be my worst day. ever. so I just drop it. and pretend that I never knew this thing. Don't tell anyone smile

but something is not right. I thought. if this girl sucks in English how come is that her posts, that is in English is, way , I mean waaaaaaaayy, better than mine? this can’t possibly it. I don't know smile

she’s a nice girl. and friendly too. this “I am my” girl was the one that made me change my blog design. I removed that annoying effect for this girl. T_T

she once said(wrote) that her sister studies in UIA. this gives me the impression that she is like 16-17 years old. and I treated her as if she is.

only later that I read her short bio. this time, slowly. and that changes everything. every single thing. wait, what changes? Surprised smile *read it yourself.

Hello. I'm Mysarah Alloha. Muslim. Not brilliantly written but wholeheartedly thought. f/19.

that explains.

and I was stupid. and wrong. Eye rolling smile

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