Sunday, May 26, 2013

First essay for scholarship application

this is my first scholarship application.

My name is Zaid and I am 20 years old. I finished high school with good SPM result, something something. In my school, it was a great achievement. But things like this are subjective. When people around you are average, you are good. When people around you are great, you are nothing. In foundation, I am a good student. Again, like in high school, standard was low. As long as I can do better than most of my course mates, it is good enough for me. But that good, was not really good. In the end, all I achieve was something something CGPA. I know I can do better.

So why a prestigious award like Something Something Scholarship is for me? Honestly, I have no idea. But in a sense that it gives me the opportunity to study without worrying about money or burdening my mother for money, then it is for me. However, I can assure that if I were entitled to receive this award, I would surely make a difference either to my life, my family, my community or even my beloved Malaysia. Everyone in life is looking for their place in the system. But when do you think will you find your place if you busy spending your life worrying about money?

I do not see how I can contribute to the good governance practice and leadership development of Malaysia. The reason is that I am just a student. Looking back in history, no student have ever change anything, unless they died trying. We are looked down. If I were to make a change, the best way I can do that is to become someone politically important first, or simply become an artist; a famous artist. Only then my voice could be heard. I pray that someday I have the power to change Malaysia into a liberated country but of course with Islamic philosophy.

*something-something are somethings.


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    1. bukanlah. JPA tak pernah bagi aku peluang. tutup cepat sangat.

  2. What is something something and also Something Something? Maybe something something?