Sunday, August 21, 2011

some of my tweets on twitter

these are some of my tweets yang gila-gila. saja tulis nak buat kenangan. haha, latest to earliest.

#I'm not lazy. coming that late proves it
#happily ever after; a perfect fairy tale
#better be good in one thing than to be bad in everything.
#; today is tomorrow's yesterday. how am I suppose to make today better than yesterday?
#; miss, I can't remember how you beautiful you are. please let me see you, again.
#; Life's a GREAT wish of millions.
#; something's missing in me. can't find out what it is.
#; I thought that I'll see you when I sleep but I was wrong. I saw her, not you. HAHA! ;P
#; today's another good day. I hope it's better than yesterday.
#; it's hard for me to admit that I'm still loving you.
#mengapakah aku terus mengharap menanti walau cukup aku sedari kau takkan kembali ?
#what's happening? (my first post on Twitter at 01/12/09)

but, what is twitter? aku tak tahu lah kenapa some people tu semua benda dia nak tweet. huh, pergi tandas pun nak tulis “going to toilet now!” ada ke patut? ada yang lagi hebat, humm dia pun dia nak tweet. pffft,


*facebook is going down. google plus is rising. twitter will last longer than both, mungkin?