Thursday, September 22, 2011

friend, roommate and classmate

I love my computer because my friends live in it

are they different? well, they are almost the same – close to us. here’s how they’re different.

You : May I borrow some money, please?
Friend : Sure, you can buy me a lunch next time. Winking smile
Roommate : Sorry, mine’s only enough for a lunch. Sad smile
Classmate : We are classmate, I’ll let you copy my work but never my note! Confused smile

You : My cellphone is dead. May I use yours?
Friend : Sure. I hope you’re calling your girlfriend. Smile with tongue out
Roommate : I’m sorry, mine’s too but you can come back in an hour. Disappointed smile
Classmate : I don’t have much time, my mom is waiting at home. Surprised smile

You : I’m going downtown this weekend, coming?
Friend : Cool! I was about to ask you the same. Open-mouthed smile
Roommate : Sorry dude. I’m going to have a date with my bed. Embarrassed smile
Classmate : Oh, I’m not. I have to finish a report. Sad smile

I am assuming that Roommate and Classmate is someone you’re not really close to while Friend is very close to you. so don’t think that my roommates and classmates are not my friends.

people walk in and out of your life. if you can find a certain someone who loves you more than him/herself, don’t let them go because once you let go, it’s almost impossible to have them back.

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