Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife

“It is only that you can not change what happened to them.”
“It's already happening, I can not change even if I wanted.”

“I do not want you to pass life waiting.”


it’s a good movie. I almost cry like for three time,

  1. when he met his mother in the subway
  2. when he met his daughter for the first time
  3. when he met his wife for the last time

ohhh, just watch it. you’ll enjoy it.



  1. try ni http://freeonlinemovies.us/watch28015.html
    cerita ni panjang, cari lah kat kedai. hehe

  2. fuyyo. nanges tuh. :p
    what is that yang ada kat dalam movie ni that manage to make your eyes prickled dude.

    yeah, gonna watch it if i've got time.

  3. haha, sebab gembira sangat. tak boleh tengok scene yang tengah sedih, tetiba kegembiraan datang. :D