Tuesday, October 18, 2011

why SIRI becomes so popular?

what, what is that SIRI thing? oh please, you can check who’s that chick over here.

so why does that SIRI becomes so popular? some of us think that this is the first kind of voice interpreting AI! I was mesmerized too when I watched how it works. it’s good. really good.

but, that voice command thing was ready installed in Android Phones over a year ago!
I did some digging and found this video. it was uploaded a year before the iPhone 4S released.

what about Speaktoit Assistant?
Speaktoit Android
this one was released 6 months ago!

so here’s why that happen,
Apple’s phone product are so popular that people thinks it is the best,
Android’s phone are not very popular that people thinks it is copied from Apple’s!
wow that’s stupid.

iPhone is good, but that doesn’t make other phones not.

proud to one of my friend who bought a Samsung GALAXY S II rather that the iPhone 4!

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