Saturday, December 15, 2012

an unforgettable childhood incident

this is a composition I wrote when I was in high school-12022010. it’s not even good but i think, memories can’t be described by words so even if this one sucks, the real one was a-its’ not sweet but ughh, I don’t know. what a lame introduction… here is it:

     Life starts with a birth of baby. Then we grow to some other levels that is childhood, adolescence, mature and old with times. Childhood is the best part of everyone that lives a happy life. this is because we must not care about anything else as grown up do. This lets children do whatever they like. Apart from that, most children are more probity than adults. This enables them to make friends with anyone and this makes childhood the best stage in everyone’s life.

     I have some momentous fond memories of my childhood time. But this time, I will only write about one of it. It happens when I was about 7 years old. I believe that it was my uncle’s wedding day. This story is not about wedding. Obviously, I as a child doesn’t seems to care about what happens around me as I met my friends. There was a boy who was cocksure that he can beat me in a bicycle race.

     As we concern, human is a creature which would not not accept themselves to be looked down by others. So I rushed home to pick up my bicycle to beat him down to earth. What a big aspire I think. At first, yes, I am better than him in the game and definitely faster than he was. This makes me over excited and force me to show my real ability. 100 km/h by riding a bicycle! I know that’s crazy. But I don’t even know how fast is that by that time.

     When I was excited pedaling my bicycle, I accidently run into a hole. It wasn’t big but enough to tremble the bicycle and of course the crazy rider. I failed to control myself and fell off to the asphalt. That’s not fun enough I think. I remember that when the ‘fall of action’ is over, I stood up and checked my forehead because I can feel a warm sensation there. I was bleeding! I started to cry.

     It wasn’t the pain that makes me ever cry. It’s about how scared I was! I was afraid that I would run out of blood. So I decided to return home and see my mother. The funny thing was: I put my hand right below the wound to collect the blood and prevent myself from great loss of blood. When I finally met my mother, she did nothing before laughing For my ‘good’ action. I too, could still smile for the momentous fond memory. It is not that fond actually, but that accident let me feel the love of a mother.

     After I recovered from the injury, I never regret about dong the same thing. When I was about 10, I fell off in a crowd from a bicycle without any injury and rode back the bicycle to return home. Years later, these accidents always make me smile and even laugh when I remember about those moments. Accidents may bring us good memory but sometimes also could take away our life.

that’s all. actually, I omit the last line because it’s quite nonsense. it was “Thus, we should not intentionally commit any accident” – my teacher commented “How to commit an accident intentionally? =)


  1. hahaha...i remember the incident very well (including the crazy rider's expression), :D

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  4. i wrote this as my essay and i got full marks so thanxxx a lot.............

    1. I don't know if I should be happy or angry.

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