Thursday, April 12, 2012


My name is Zaid.

I love being alone. I do feel lonely when I’m alone. but being alone, gives me some things that I’ll never have if I were to be with people. I know most people like to be with somebody. me too. but for the time being nobody I know can gives me what I want from a relationship. I’m complicated being for most people I know. they never do understand me or maybe I’m the one who makes it difficult for the. my social skill is considered poor. I can’t communicate the way I want people to communicate with me. I’m cold. I don’t really like social activities. what I do is for myself, most of the time. I’m egoistic. I believe I can live alone. I believe with only my self, I could succeed in life. I’m not good in being a brother, a friend, a special friend, a teacher, a student, a son, and the list goes on. when I was asked about what I do really want in a relationship, I said I wanted someone who will treat me as a friend and will only treat me as a lover when I need her to. having that as an answer, making me even more complicated and selfish in peoples’ eye. I hate commitments and responsibilities. I wish I can just vanish from these things. from people.

even better, I feel good with it. because that’s the way I am. if that’s the way people see me, I’m fine with it. because I know deep in their heart, the feel the same. or at least, al most the same.

you can put the spell on everyone but never to yourself.

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