Friday, July 22, 2011

how to save a flash game?

this is the simple way to save a flash game.
note: not every flash game can be saved (and played) with this technique.

first: open the webpage containing the game.
(i.e Heli Attack 3)

second: right click on the webpage, select view page source

third: Click [Ctrl+F] and type in [.swf], find the relevant name for that game.
(i.e ha3miniclip.swf)

forth: copy the URL of that game (i.e, after the last “/” type in “ha3miniclip.swf” and go!

now game file is being opened you can save that page as [.swf] file and play it later on your computer.

there’s a shorter and easier way of doing the second step until the last by using Firefox.

when you right click on the page, select view page info. there’s a media tab and all the media files are there. just find the [.swf] file and save it.


to play the file, you’ll have to download the swfplayer.

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