Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Featured Web Content #1

recently, I’ve discovered an extension that brings some inner peace to me as I browse through the web. without this magical and useful extension, I usually, have to open AdBlock Settings and add some domains to be blocked so that any media hosted on that domain will never be load and displayed to me, ever, again.

but with this marvelous extension’s help, I’m no more bounded to that ugly and dirty work. what I do now is, sit back, click on a link, wait for some moment for the page to load, and enjoy. surely, it’s fun. and most important of all, I hear no more ugly music unwillingly. and that’s the best part.

so what’s that ** awesome extension? I present you, the superb,


this awesome extension will automatically blocks any flash based content. making it almost impossible for you even to watch YouTube. that’s not a problem. you can always enable it anywhere you want.

Short Description:
The extension automatically blocks flash content on webpages.
Each flash element is being replaced with a placeholder that allows you to load only selected elements on a given page.
You can also manage a whitelist of allowed websites via a configuration panel.

In general, FlashBlock helps with lowering memory usage, reducing cpu cycles,
and can be used as an alternative to AdBlock.

if you think this is what you need, don't hesitate to download it for your beloved browser. it's FREE!

here’s the link that might help you in downloading this extension
Chrome Web Store - FlashBlock
Flashblock :: Add-ons for Firefox

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